Data Center

About This Project

The main information center of the Commercial
International Bank (CIB) in the smart village
IBM implemented a capacity of 900 kVA.
The United Bank’s Information Center in 6th of
October City, implemented by IBM
500 kVA capacity
An information center for a sovereign authority
in Nasr City, implemented by Schneider Group
Capacity of 800 kVA.
Reviewing and receiving a reserve information
center for Union National Bank
In the Tenth of Ramadan City, a capacity of 250
Qatar National Bank’s data center in 6th of
October City, in cooperation with Nasr Consulting
Office, has a capacity of 500 kVA.
TE Data’s information center at Zamalek Central.
The main information center of Etisalat Misr in
the Smart Village

Data Center