The consulting office of the Electromechanical Design Center (E.D.C.) provides a distinguished service In the field of studies, designs and engineering consultancy, such as carrying out planning and designing infrastructure networks, including water supply, sewage, irrigation and firefighting.
As well as electrical networks, telephones, fire alarm, central arial networks, monitoring and security, computer networks and multimedia networks, in addition to health and electrical designs and central air conditioning for hotels, residential towers, hospitals, factories and all facilities.
other service.

About EDC

We offer a comprehensive service in providing engineering studies, designs and consultations, such as planning and designing the infrastructure networks for water supply works, sewerage and irrigation systems, fire protection systems, electric and telephone networks, fire detection systems, central antenna networks, surveillance and security networks, computer and multimedia networks. We also conduct electric and sanitary designs; central HVAC systems for hotels, residential towers, factories, hospitals and other service providing facilities. Our firm also offers conducting studies in various fields such as project studies, cost assessment, responding to RFP (request for proposals); helps the specialized contractors to win bids, and supervise project execution

Since we try to exceed our client’s expectation, our firm has a team of highly skilled specialists in various fields as mentioned above. Having worked in many projects all over Egypt, each member of the team has broad experience in his field of specialization, weather in planning, applying or supervising, as in projects executed in North Coast, Sinai, Hurghada, and Upper Egypt. They also have extensive experience in overseas projects as in Sudan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Libya, etc… This experience has made them very skillful in meeting delivery deadline with the highest quality levels. All the required designs and layouts are made and edited by an expert team of specialized engineers using the latest accredited computer software programs.

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