Educational Facilities

About This Project

Developing electrical works at the German School
– Dokki.
Developing the electricity network at Lycee
School – Haram.
Capital Language School – Fifth Settlement.
The German School (new building) – Dokki.
Sadat University – Sadat City
The working drawings for the electromechanical
works of the following buildings include:

The central laboratories building (with a built-
up area of ​​about 15,000 m2).
College of Education building
(The administrative building with a built-up area
of ​​about 7500 m2).
(Classes A building with a built-up area of ​​about
6000 m2).
(Al-Fusoul B building, with a built-up area of ​​
about 6000 m2).
The terraces building (with a built-up area of ​​
about 28,000 m2).
Infrastructure works for electromechanical works
for university faculties buildings
(with an area of ​​about 400,000 m2).