Scope of services

The advisory office of the Electromechanical Design Center (E.D.C.) provides its distinguished services In the field of studies, designs and engineering consultancy, such as carrying out planning and designing infrastructure networks, including water supply, sewage, irrigation and firefighting.
As well as electricity networks, telephones, fire alarms, central arial networks, monitoring and security, computer networks and multimedia networks, in addition to health and electrical designs and central air conditioning for hotels, residential towers, hospitals, factories and all other service facilities.
The Consulting Office (E.D.C.) also performs the required studies, such as project studies, cost estimation, tendering, practice and awarding to specialized contractors, as well as supervision work for various projects.
And this is within the scope of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and even outside it as well, as we have implemented many works in the sisterly Arab countries, including, for example, but not limited to: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the State of Libya and other sister countries, and we are putting in our plans to expand and spread in our local and Arab surroundings.